Stress Ball

Code: T100918

Stress Rugby Ball

Code: T104934

Stress Star

Code: T106221

Stress Heart

Code: T106224

Stress Light Bulb

Code: T106223

Stress Hard Hat

Code: T106225

Stress Spanner

Code: T107059

Stress Road Cone

Code: T107055

Stress Speech Bubble

Code: T107057

Stress Hammer

Code: T106218

Stress Plane

Code: T106219

TOOLS & Stress Van

Code: T106222

Stress Truck

Code: T106217

Stress Road Car

Code: T107051

Stress Laptop

Code: T107053

Stress House

Code: T106220

Stress Road Cow

Code: T106264

Stress Small Truck

Code: T107049

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Further info on stress and along with code
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