Signature Scents

Find below our 5 signature fragrances. Each fragrance is unique and crafted by us,  ensuring unparalleled experiences. In addition to our signature scents, we also offer limited editions. Every scent is meticulously formulated and rigorously tested to meet the highest standards. Roma is proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free.


TROPICALIA: Escape to paradise with Tropicalia, a lush blend of Passionfruit, Guava, Kaffir Lime, Mango, and Strawberries at the top, followed by Berries, Wild Orchid, Red Currant, Papaya, and Elderberries. Anchored by Sugarcane, White Musk, Vanilla, and Coconut, it's a tropical paradise in a candle.


HOPSCOTCH: Experience the whimsy of Hopscotch, a playful blend that dances on the senses. Succulent Black Cherry, tangy Orange, and sweet Strawberry lead the way, followed by refreshing Eucalyptus, delicate Violet, and exotic Jasmine. Musk, Cedarwood, and Vanilla Bean anchor the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression. Let Hopscotch take you on a journey of playful delight and vibrant joy.


EMBRACE: Wrap yourself in warmth with Embrace, where sparkling Bergamot and sweet Orange dance alongside sugary Sugarcane and crisp Apple. Delve deeper into the heart of comfort with rich Honey Nectar, indulgent Toffee Bits, warm Cinnamon, creamy Vanilla, and aromatic Allspice. Finally, soft White Musk adds a comforting embrace to this sweet treat, creating a scent as comforting as a tight hug.


FAIRY TALE: Experience the enchantment of Fairy Tale, a captivating blend that unfolds like a story. With zesty Lemon, Lime, and Mandarin top notes, followed by a spicy and floral mix of Cinnamon, Geranium, and Thyme. Finally, it settles into a comforting embrace of Moss, Vanilla, and Cedar. Let Fairy Tale transport you on a sensory journey of intrigue and delight.


NOSTALGIA: Rediscover cherished memories with Nostalgia, a comforting blend that evokes the essence of sweet indulgence. Delight in notes of Butter, Vanilla, Caramel, and Citrus at the top, followed by a heart of Nutty Chocolate, sun-kissed Strawberries, and creamy Buttermilk. The base of Sweet Vanilla and Woody undertones envelops you in a warm embrace. Let Nostalgia transport you to moments of sweet reminiscence and timeless comfort.